Friday, July 17, 2009

Superhero Weaknesses

Okay I was thinking about this, and since my last attempt at a blog sucked so badly I am going to try again.

Superhero Weaknesses!!!!! (most googled)

Lets start with the most popular!

Superman! kryptonite! this is a pretty solid weakness. I mean, its not exactly commen so you have to be pretty rich and pretty determined to track it down. Too bad Lex Luther is both rich and determined. Better luck next time.

Wolverine! Anything that negates his healing powers! (as his metal bones would kill him without his healing powers) Nothing actually comes to mind as far as negating his healing mojo, except , I dont know, Rouge, but they arent actually enimies (I think) so im sure hes fine in that department. But in his origins movie he was AWESOME AND UNSTOPPABLE! YOU PWN THAT NERD JIMMY!

Green Lantern! The color yellow? Oooookay I mean no McDonalds for you! And If life ever tried to give him lemons then instead of making lemonade he would die. Thats a pretty commen weakness. I mean isnt the SUN yelllow? Can green lantern go outside??

Professor X! STAIRS! hahahaha! sorry! that was mean

Magneto!(I know hes not a hero but im putting him in here anyway) Plastic weapons! Hahaha guess who cant eat with plastic forks? No KFC for you!

Storm! Clastrophobia? I did not know that one. I bet you did though

Hulk! Anger? Its not actually a weakness but its got to be pretty annoying that you burst into a giant green monster when somebody takes the last slice of pizza. Also, I mean hes a nerd usually and a monster occasionally so its kinda like a Lose/Lose situation

Flash! Apparently, once he got shot with a bullet that attached to his spinal cord and when he went intangible he went into a hypersonic seizure! Oh my! I did not know that one either! But i mean its not really a weakness because what are the odds of that happening again? Like one in a bajillion

Batman! Being human! And apparently Robin! I mean since he is not an alien he can make mistakes and Robin must need saving sometimes.

Spiderman! Aunt May (getting kidnapped or hurt) MaryJane! (getting kidnapped or hurt) If my weaknesses were people I would have them safe somehow. I dont know how but somehow.

Buffy Nothing! Buffy is awesome.

Me! If I were a superhero I would have my weakness be a feather from a dodo bird that has recently been eaten by a palatypus Try to do THAT villan! Even if you did find a dodo bird how would you get a palatypus to eat it!? Palatypi are Veggitarians!


Lilieli said...

I hope you enjoyed this one better than the last one. Text me AS SOON AS YOU READ IT! I dont even care if it wakes me up! I want to see what you think! I put in a picture too

fox said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! That was amazing. I LOVED every one of them. Poor professor X! I think Green Lantern does go outside since he flies around and stuff, but I agree yellow is LAME. Yeah Batman's just a really really rich guy. Like that's his super power. So you can't expect much. I'd have to say Professor X, Wolverine and Buffy were my absolute favorites.

Flash and Buffy as usual are perfect.

Hahah but what would the feather of a dodo bird do? Like why does it weaken you??? More excitingly, what would your power be? Hehe after our internal meeting i'll write a post back :)

Lilieli said...

yaaaaaaay! I will have to think of the dodo bird thing. Maybe i will draw a diagram.... soo many possibilities!

Lilieli said...

I also updated my profile! Now my picture is the "stupid rasins stay out of my cookies!" icon we found before! =]

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