Saturday, July 18, 2009

JONES! (including whether or not she is a robot!)

Read the above hyperlink first! For a general information update. Now, the most important thing I see in this article is "TO THE POINT OF BEING SUSPETCED TO BE AS ROBOT!" From here on in I will inspect the reasons for and against this topic.


1. Jones barely ever shows any emotion. Ever.

2. She considers herself to be neutral to both the Court and the Gilite Forest. Does that mean she considers herself NEITHER HUMAN OR ANIMAL?

3. She is very skilled at unarmed dueling

4. During such a duel, she was struck with the blade yet remained unhurt. Unless she has powers simaler to Wolverine (not the metal bones part just the healing) she could be entirely made out of metal easily.

5. She treats Mr. Elgamore like a little kid, so she might have known him, and not changes, since James was a little kid!

6. When Annie brought up the subject to Kat at first she didnt believe it was possible. Then she changed her mind and wanted to build one, therefore thinking it was possible for her to build one. If its possible for Kat it could be possible for Diego! (or another skilled robot builder)

6. Rey said he had know Jones for a long time. Isnt rey a cousin of Coyote? The GOD? doesnt that make rey IMMORTAL?(as far as age goes) He could have known Jones from the DAWN OF TIME! or when she was created


1. Rey said Jones was not a robot. With alot of conviction. (but when does rey tell the truth?)

If you can add anything to either column, please do! or if you cant put it in a post and I will put it in!

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