Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uuuuuggggh :: Artisitic Obstructions

Bleh, so I just presented by entire body of work to my Concept Studio class, and the assignment was that they had to come up with an obstruction that would destroy my ordinary work flow and force me to create something different? better?

That is yet to be determined.

Anyway, it was decided that my next piece has to be
a.) Collaborative
b.) Instinctive/Reactive to real world events
c.) Not involve computers

They were having a hard time cracking down on just one technique I typically employ. I'm just extraordinarily grateful they aren't making me do performance art ( my undeniable weakness!). On the other hand I'm extremely frustrated that they banned me from using computers. Its a relatively new addition to my traditional arsenal, and I was looking forward to doing more digital work : ( I feel like they just really wanted me to do something they could easily understand, without long winded logic/explanations, but I also feel like those are completely unnecessary to enjoy my last few works, they just receive them since they ask for them : P

I might call on you again to collaborate, I really want to try my hand at architecture or building SOMETHING. I'm not as satisfied purely by 2D work. I agree that typically I'm super uncomfortable involving anyone else in what I do, but I wonder if it still counts if the collaborator is someone I know really well?

Mmmm and I've really only recently made this shift to heavily relying on my vast computer knowledge since they pushed me so hard to do so during Sophomore Review. Now I don't want to go back! Ha!

gaaaaaah must think of something!

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Cara said...

Ah wow that's intense! Haha I feel like I would not be happy in a similar situation where they made me change my techniques around. Haha Good luck!

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