Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Persephone page 4

Okay this one is a little confusing, let me clarify.
Conversation 1. Between Demeter and Helios/Apollo/Whoever was the sun at that time. First bubble is a pic of Persephone and a question mark. Second Bubble is Helios/Apollo looking down, and Persephone and an arrow down, signifying her being brought down into Hades.

In the next panel persephone is eating a POMEGRANITE. not some weird mixture of scribble and turd.

Conversation 2. Demeter says Pic of Persephone + Up(aboveground) = Happy Demeter and lots of wheat and corn and other stuff she did. Pic of Persephone + Down (Hades) = Mad Demeter and lots of snow and dying mortals.

Zeus responds with pic of Persephone + Pomegranite = NO ABOVEGROUND

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