Monday, January 16, 2012

things that should be in the BEST story.

List generic overarching things that could have anything to do with the story
  1.  Heroines! Hero! Pure of heart, proper and tall, neat, fair and handsome, and straight in each limb. Or nerdy, strange, curious and brave. Or some combination of all of those.
  2. Myths/Legends/Fairy tales/Gods out of place and time
    1. I always love stories that are linked to other intricate webs of stories that the reader may be familiar with but that take on so many shapes and forms they can be retold really however you like. 
  3. Fencing. Swords are a must.
  4. Robots?
  5. Extremely villainous villain(s) 
    1. I personally am a fan of those who don't believe that they are indeed villainous, whether they are working for what they believe is a good cause and there methods become twisted over time, or something so ancient and old they really don't give a damn what is good or evil.
  6. Sisters.
    1. Heroes need something to fight for, and I always think the unconditional and unwavering love between siblings is so much stronger than true love or love at first sight any day. Part of why Katniss is so great in Hunger Games.
  7. A deux ex machina
  8. Magic of some sort, not necessarily in the traditional sense
  9. Parents! That exist, and love, or at least have some exposition before they are brutally murdered some time in the past. Like the two Doctors in a Wrinkle in Time, Surma, or Naruto. I always thought generational connections were really interesting.
More Specific Things!
elements/characters that are particular and you'd like to use throw in

  1. Hermes
    1. whatever we end up writing, I'd like to use Hermes as a relatively important character if we end up incorporating old myths and legends. He's my absolute favorite and there are few really good stories about him where he isn't just a mail man. He's also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them (which is also good if we good we go the quest route), of the cunning, of thieves, the silver tongued, literature and poets, and invention, which I think is much more interesting than just messages and his psychopomp duties.
  2. Legendary Weapon
    1. The Vorpal Blade and its *snicker snack* sound effect was my favorite part of fables, and I also love Coyote's blade that has coyote's laughter teetering on the edge. I think an epic weapon should definitely be in there. 

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