Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Childish Apology - A Poem on 'regrets'

My mother told me to apologize to you,
These words are things I’d rather not say,
But here I am, at your door,
Saying sorry for what I did that day.

I regret pouring my juice on you,
Even though you were being a brat.
I regret tugging on your hair,
After you called me fat.

I regret coloring on your picture,
Even after you colored on mine.
I regret putting mud in your shoes,
After you lied about ‘everything being fine’

I regret yelling at you,
Even after you stepped on my sandcastle.
I regret refusing to talk to you,
Because you are really quite a hassle.

I regret storming out of the room,

After you blamed your shenanigans on me.
I regret stepping on your foot,
After you made fun of me.

I regret trying to ignore you,
Because it only made it worse.
I regret kicking you in the shin,
After you poured ink into my purse.

Really, I think you are rather wicked,
I don’t want to be near you at all,
But I’m being the bigger person,
And paying you a call.

The one thing I don’t regret at all,
Even though our relationship is a chore,
Is that right after I apologized,
I snuck a tarantula through your door.

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