Monday, March 21, 2011

If I Were In the Movies

If Put Into the Movies . . . by Kiera Wolfe

A person often wonders, how their life would go,
If they lived inside a movie, the pictures, or TV show.
Well, I’ve done some speculation and it just goes to prove,
Your thoughts go in some crazy directions, once you’re in the groove.

A chick flick comes to mind of course, I know what I would be,
The witty best friend, the comic relief, helpful and rather artsy.
In a zombie movie I’m not too confident, my chances could offend,
I would probably turn right after the cheerleader, way before the end.

If placed inside a drama, you might not want me on the staff,
I often cannot watch something so ridiculous without a single laugh.
A cop show sounds like a good time, yes it looks rather fun,
But I don’t know of anyone that would just hand me a gun.

If we are talking franchises, I will have to intervene,
For in Star Wars, I already know my light saber would be green
If put in Harry Potter, I’d quickly befriend Loony Luna,
If I’m stuck inside The Office, I’d hang with Pam and Tuna.

A musical? Of course I’d participate, and probably have a blast,
But I feel that after High School Musical, that genre has blown past.
A western would be hilarious; if I get to ride a horse,
Really anything would be cool, if I was in it of course!

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