Saturday, November 20, 2010

Googe Boutiques


I am currently a bum, and have spend all my time programming robot vision/ a chess bot and have nothing remotely creative to share with you.

However, long hours of procrastination have finally bore fruit! Check out my google boutique! I wrote a long post about my thoughts on it over on the documentation blog since it was looking sad and colorless. Essentially it also uses a pretty revolutionary computer vision AI (for a shopping search that is) and slowly learns what you like based on the physical images rather than word tags. Extremely cool and worth making an account just to play around with. Plus you get to take one of those fun fashion quizzes to start. Here's a link to mine, and picture below : )


Cara said...

Ah interesting, I've had a tab open to this site for a little while but I hadn't gotten the chance to check it out yet...

alex said...

Ah! Play with it and send me yours! If you can find an article on the computer vision bit its actually pretty cool. I'd work for them :P

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