Sunday, January 10, 2010

My review on Sabriel

Okay this is it. Its kind of lacking in quotes because i dont have the book with me right now but i still think its good =)
Kiera Wolfe
What a Bunch of Characters Project A
Periods 4-5
Sabriel. Both a title and a name. As a title, it is a fantastic book by Garth Nix. As a name, it is a mature young girl that has her story spun by the book emblazoned with her name. A girl of 18, Sabriel led a fairly closed life, growing up outside of her birthplace in the Old Kingdom. Or at least, that is what it seemed. She attended Waverley College, a school for fine young ladies in Alcestierre, yet she was much different than the other students. Her hair is a shadowy, raven black, not unlike her father’s, and her skin is pale and bleached from her constant voyages into the realm of the dead. She is thin and usually cold from the icy river in Death. On a personal level, Sabriel is smart and sophisticated. She is insanely courageous, proven by her constant battle with the dead who won’t stay dead. She doesn’t complain or whine about a task, and realizes that it must be done, no matter how dark or perilous. Sabriel is rather selfless, always attempting to help people, even if she has clue of what kind of person they may be. An example is when she rescued a young man named Touchstone from his imprisonment as a wooden figurehead. She had no idea who he was or if he could be of the evil persuasion. In conclusion, Sabriel is a strong character with a strong mind and personality.
Sabriel is a major character in the twisted plot of this novel by Garth Nix. Her father is the Abhorsen, a person who constantly battles the never ending supply of the Dead. Unlike a necromancer, who raises the dead, he puts the dead to rest, past the Seventh Gate of Death. When he randomly disappears, the Dead in the kingdom run wild and it is Sabriel’s job to take the role of Abhorsen and protect the kingdom. Simultaneously, she has to embark on an epic quest to find her father. Basically, the whole plot revolves around Sabriel, and although she is accompanied by two companions, Touchstone and Mogget, she leads the group on their wild goose chase. She is a vital character and without her, the plot would fall apart.
In this book, Sabriel goes through many changes. In the beginning, she is just a teen schoolgirl with an infinitely small amount of experience in her father’s trade, being the Abhorsen. By the conclusion of the book, she has taken on the job herself, and is a hardy and determined adult. What force could cause these changes? One might ask. Well, after the disappearance and death of her father, a great weight is dropped on her shoulders. Before, she was just filling in for her father, but now she has to take on his title, name, and responsibilities. Even from the perspective of another character, a solider at the crossing point between the Old Kingdom and Alcestierre, she changes dramatically. In the beginning of the book he had a few stray thoughts about how she resembled his sweet daughter with her youth and innocence. But when she crosses the wall again during the climax of the story, he gapes at how she mentally aged a couple years and is now a salute-deserving hero of great proportions. Sabriel goes through many transformations, many not of her own accord. After all, "Does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?" (Garth Nix, Sabriel).

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