Friday, October 23, 2009

Tim Gunn. Best Alfred ever. Batman comes home covered with bruises, bleeding like whoa; Tim Gunn just stands back and goes, ''This concerns me."

Oh man, sorry i don't have any good stories to tell at the moment. But! I do want to show you the latest piece I've been working on. We had an assignment to do a huge thing in charcoal, only black and white. I hate charcoal, the stuff just gets everywhere, plus its so rough and scratchy, its almost impossible to get smooth flowing lines. However, if you want to do huge dark scary scratchy things, well then you've found your man.

So here it is, 3/4 of the way finished

Its supposed to be something of a valkyrie, the assignment was to draw fabric, and there you go. Err everyone else did very technical things though, so I'm not sure how well its going to go over. I'm debating adding a third wing on the left side of the head, and then maybe some souls, or severed heads in the boa. (gotta love messengers to the afterlife) Also I hate the folds in the fabric on the bottom right of the dress beneath the legs. That'll get fixed as well for Monday.

And a detail...

I like how Valkyries were supposed to be the ones to collect dead warriors in preparation for Ragnorok. They just keep them all up in Valhalla, training and drinking mead until the big showdown, that supposedly was the end of Norse Mythology and the end of the world. I think it was the burning of the world tree? I know Loki started it by killing Baldir, the rough male norse equivalent of Aphrodite, but I'm not sure what went down after that, gotta brush up on my apocalypses.

Anyway, all the norse gods are gone, but the valkyries are still kicking. And if I were them, I would of dropped the armor and helga braids look. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of those gorgeous celtic bronze shields. But now a days, if I could manifest any way I wanted, I'd be sauntering around picking up dead guys in valentino or some kicking boots.

Oh yeah, and I definitely want to either keep the souls tied up in the feathers for decoration, or hide some heads in there somewhere. I just can't figure out how to do it. In my mind I always pictured souls as these very swirly ephemeral things, and I think the feather shrug is just the wrong texture. Thoughts?


Kieraaa said...

Ooooooh sooooo much cooler than i imagined! and that was pretty impressive too. I think if you put swirly souls inside pearls maybe? and string those around the boa? i know some people did that in like the 80's or whenever boas were popular. like one pearl for each soal. I always imagined them as swirly translucent blue things too. Like a memory that goes in the pensive in harry potter. and they could be swirling around in pearls with little detailed screaming faces or whatever. If you were going to go all sheek than dragging around a severed head would be annoying. Tim Gunn would be THE FUNNIEST ALFRED EVER! it would be hilariioooooouuuussssss! That should be what our webcomic is about. i just watched this awesome episode of teen titans the other day (dont ask me why, apparently they play them still) and it was uber cool and there was this mysterious Robin-Breifcase that they dont show you what is in and i think it is something to do with batman! mom needs to use her computer now so ill talk to you later! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

:) A.D.

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